Our Story

MATTR delivers a simple, sustainable line of products to highlight what you love and diminish what you don’t. Founded by beauty industry exec Matthew Rodrigues, MATTR is built around the goal of providing a trusted space where men can work toward looking better and feeling better without concern of being judged. We believe in substance, and that what really matters is how you feel inside.

When it comes to our skin, people universally share the same imperfections and insecurities. Yet products that treat our blemishes, uneven skin tone, dark circles, and aging are almost unanimously formulated for and marketed toward women.

MATTR provides a way forward that dispenses with outdated notions of masculinity or societal beauty norms. Our products are developed to address the skincare and cosmetic needs of men, creating a world where looking and feeling your best is no longer exclusive.

While our products are easy to use, their creation is a matter of dedicated research formulating premium ingredients—to guarantee results. MATTR products are entirely vegan, cruelty free, and paraben free. Most importantly, they’re made for all skin types.

MATTR is an American based company.

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